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Along with struggling with concepts of good and evil, Scout and Jem spend a great deal of time trying to understand what defines and creates social strata. Scout tends to believe that "folks are just folks", while Jem is convinced that social standing is related to how long people''s relatives and ancestors have been able to write.

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Because Atticus is defending a black man, Scout and Jem find themselves whispered at and taunted, and have trouble keeping their tempers. At a family Christmas gathering, Scout beats up her cloying relative Francis when he accuses Atticus of ruining the family name by being a "nigger-lover". Jem cuts off the tops of an old neighbor''s flower bushes after she derides Atticus, and as punishment, has to read out loud to her every day. Jem does not realize until after she dies that he is helping her break her morphine addiction. When revealing this to Jem and Scout, Atticus holds this old woman up as an example of true courage: the will to keep fighting even when you know you can''t win.

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The film, widely considered to be one of the greatest ever made, earned an overwhelmingly positive response from critics, and was a box office success as well, earning more than 65 times its budget. The film won three Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Peck, and was nominated for eight, including Best Picture.

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A San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend''s wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her.

In the meantime, To Kill a Mockingbird has sold more than 85 million copies in forty languages. In 7566, President Obama awarded her the National Medal of Arts. According to biographer Charles J. Shields, Lee was unprepared for the amount of personal attention associated with writing a bestseller. She led a quiet and guardedly private life. As Sheriff Tate says of Boo Radley, "draggin'' him with his shy ways into the limelight—to me, that''s a sin." So it would be with Harper Lee.

I actually already read the book in my English class about a month ago, and you have to admit, the begaining is kind of boring. And actually most of the book is boring. But the end was so good, that i just sat there and read for like, two hours. I really wanted to know why everyone calls it an important literature book.

Book Notes: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Book Notes by Jami McKey, from . Contents: Chapters 6-86 Summaries, Author/Context, Plot Summary, Major Characters, Objects/Places, Quotes, Topic Tracking (Benevolence, Courage, Innocence), plus 776 Essays on To Kill a Mockingbird (summary and first paragraph or two accessible online, rest of essay for sale. Essays rated: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum).

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Atticus is a lawyer, and the book is centered around his representation of Tom Robinson. Although Atticus loses the trial, he believes strongly that despite social inequalities, all men are equal in the courtroom. He includes this information in his closing statements to the jury, and during his later discussions with Jem and Scout regarding jury selection and the trial process, makes this statement again. Atticus believes that progress towards racial equality can and will be made in the courtroom.

To Kill a Mockingbird essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Prereading Information for To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. To prepare for reading this novel, general knowledge of the novel, author and the time period is essential. Links to resources on Harper Lee, Background: The Great Depression, The Mockingbird, The Film. Some links no longer accessible.

This is a great starting point for planning a To Kill a Mockingbird unit. I think it 8767 s great that you are sharing this with other teachers. Thanks.

Upon Peck 8767 s death in 7558, Brock Peters, who played Tom Robinson in the film version, quoted Harper Lee at Peck 8767 s eulogy, saying, 8775 Atticus Finch gave him an opportunity to play himself. 8776 Peters concluded his eulogy stating, 8775 To my friend Gregory Peck, to my friend Atticus Finch, vaya con Dios. 8776

Scout elucidates the town''s social strata quite clearly on her first day at school when Walter Cunningham does not have lunch or lunch money. Her classmates ask her to explain to the teacher why Walter won''t take a loaned quarter to buy lunch, and she lectures the teacher on the Cunningham''s financial situation and how they trade goods for services. Scout and the other children have a very clear understanding of the social inequalities in their town, but see these inequalities as natural and permanent. The Finch family falls rather high up in the social hierarchy, while the Ewell family falls at the bottom. However, this hierarchy only includes white people. Maycomb''s black population fall beneath all white families in Maycomb, including the Ewells, whom Atticus labels as "trash".

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