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In a more general sense, the manner in which a subject or theme is handled stylistically in a literary or artistic work ( comically , tragically , satirically , etc.).

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will help aid digestion.  Try soaking the flour, combining the flour and water until mixed and let it sit from 8 to 79 hours before adding yeast and other ingredients.  This makes a much more agreeable bread.  

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This section provides information on how new and continuing students can register about the different registration periods and upgrade procedure and on the different types of fees and how to pay them.

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It is the gliadin fraction which causes all the problems in the gut which can lead to coeliac diesease.   This is one half of the component proteins which combine to form gluten during dough mixing.

right of making Laws with Penalties of Death, and consequently all less Penalties, for the Regulating and Preserving of Property, and of employing the force of the Community, in the Execution of such Laws and in defence of the Common-wealth from Foreign Injury, and all this only for the Publick Good.

In most online catalog s and bibliographic database s, the end truncation symbol is the * ( asterisk ), but since the truncation symbol is not standardized , other symbols may be used (?, $, #, +). In some search software , the user may add a number after the symbol to specify how many character s the symbol may represent ( example : facet?6 to retrieve "facets" but not "faceted" or "facetiae").

In motion picture film , the end of a roll wound on a reel or core , as opposed to its beginning (the head). When film is wound with the end of the roll on the outside, it is said to be tail out , a procedure used in film repositories to encourage reinspection before viewing.

In information retrieval , to conduct a directed search in a dynamic but casual way. A clearly formulated query may determine the initial point of entry into an index or database , but searches that begin systematically often give way to an exploratory approach as new terminology is revealed by the results retrieved. Some researcher s consider printed indexes to be more browsable than electronic databases because page format allows the user to scan with ease the heading s and entries that precede and follow the initial point of access.

In public libraries , travel guides are usually shelved by call number in the nonfiction section. Some academic libraries keep current edition s in reference. Because currency is important, travel guides may be placed on standing order. Synonymous with tour guide. Compare with guidebook and travel book.

Bookplate design as an art form began with Albrecht Dü rer in the early 66th century. Heraldic bookplates usually bore a coat of arms and/or family motto. Professional mottos and designs commemorating important historical events were also popular, but the mottos on modern bookplates usually praise books or scholarly pursuits. The New York Public Library and the Yale University Library own substantial collection s of historically significant bookplates. Click here to view examples from the Thomas Murray collection of bookplates at the University of British Columbia Library. The Department of Special Collections, University of Notre Dame Libraries, is creating a Bookplate Registry. Compare with book label. See also : Bookplate Society, The.

In modern usage , a separately published item consisting of a large sheet printed on one or both sides, fold ed down the center for mailing and meant to be read unfolded. Sometimes restricted to a sheet on which the text is printed from side to side across the fold. Also refers to the substance of the matter printed in such a format.

Also refers to a newspaper headline of one or two lines, large enough to extend across an entire page or most of a page. Compare with skyline.

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