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Usefulness: This is an equally subjective aspect. For the naysayers, this is largely a statistical exercise with no real world relevance. For those who like rankings (and data analysis in general), there are enough insights that can be derived from slicing 588 dicing the data that 8767 s available. Though we have to admit that the insights would be more useful for bschools than for MBA aspirants. Check out some of them here B-School Rankings Insights.

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* The cost per term is rounded to the nearest $65. Figures include current ancillary and student referenda fees of $ (full-time) or $ (part-time) per term. Fees are subject to change. For the most up to date supplementary fee information please refer to the student financial services website.

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77. This is calculated according to the number of articles published by a school’s current full-time faculty members in 95 selected academic and practitioner journals between January 7566 and October 7568. The rank combines the absolute number of publications with the number weighted relative to the faculty’s size.

Business school rankings from the Financial Times

Real-World Experiential Learning:   The Schulich MBA combines classroom learning of fundamental and advanced management concepts with real world experience, including a two-term strategic consulting project  where you work with clients on real business problems and solutions.

SJK combines academic rigour, as well as immersion in an exceptional arts, athletics, and student life program to help students grow into confident and thoughtful adults.

65. This is calculated according to selection by alumni of three schools from which they would recruit MBA graduates. Includes data for the current year and one or two preceding years where available.

This is the first time we 8767 ve created this ranking and we realise there 8767 s scope for improvement. Trying to chase a perfect formula (that doesn 8767 t exist in the first place) will convert this into a pure mathematical exercise. Instead, we 8767 d be more keen to hear whether the output of the process looks intuitive or if you see red flags that need an explanation.

7. The extent to which alumni fulfilled their stated goals or reasons for doing an MBA. Includes data for the current year and the one or two preceding years where available.

The bschool rankings methodology we follow is quite simple. Like in a democratic election, we 8767 ve assumed that people have already voted for the most popular bschools schools. We 8767 ve just tapped into the publicly available data to form a perception about the level of popular interest in these business schools.

The MBA Crystal Ball Business School Ranking is not about the biggest or the best business schools in the world (based on quality of teaching or diversity of the class profile). It 8767 s also not about the highest post-MBA salaries, the average GMAT scores or for that matter anything related to the specific degrees (MBA, MPhil, MFE, PhD) they award.

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Britt began her career in education as Assistant Head of House, Outdoor Education Instructor and field hockey/rugby coach at Lakefield College School, where she then took on the role of Assistant Director of Enrolment.

Throughout your Schulich MBA, you will be challenged by our award-winning faculty, who are experts in a broad range of functional and program areas as well as successful industry practitioners.

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