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Probability Tree Diagrams - Dependent Events - GCSE

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Candidates are required to integrate critical, practical and theoretical study in art, craft and design that encourages direct engagement with original work  and practice. Where direct engagement may not be possible, the expectation is that work should include appropriate and explicit critical study. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate practical skills in the context of specific chosen areas of study or any combined areas of study.

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Psychology is now accepted as a science in the majority of university applications, an understanding of people is helpful in every field ranging from medicine to business. In fact many of these degree courses contain an element of psychology and the A level course should benefit students throughout their studies.

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Students who enrol on this programme should ideally have studied at least part of the A-level course or equivalent previously. It is a very demanding programme, where the entire AS and A7 syllabus will be covered in one year. This option is appropriate for students who want to retake subjects from AS or A7 to ensure they gain access to the university of their choice. Most subjects are available in line with the second year A Level course, and students must start in September.  

Geography Vocabulary: GCSE Population

Reading questions on two thematically linked 75thor 76st Century non- fiction prose. Second question is a choice of two writing tasks (speech, letter, article blog) linked by a theme to the reading task.

The new A-level Further Mathematics consists of four modules. Two of these are compulsory: Further Pure 6 and Further Pure 7. Both are 6 hour 85 in duration and 75 marks each. Further Pure 6 and 7 covers proof, complex numbers, matrices and further algebra and functions, further calculus and further vectors as well as polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and differential equations. 

Studying this subject is important if students are considering university degrees which will then lead onto careers in law, journalism, education or banking. It will provide a range of transferrable skills and enhance independent study skills.

If all topics are to be covered, then students would simply not have time to cover the topic areas well enough to understand it. And then there is the issue of revision if students keep forgetting the previously taught topics, how often do you 8775 revisit 8776 these without hindering on time? This has likely resulted in teachers balancing the available time in a way that saw large contents not being taught at all.

Further Mathematics: Students who have completed A-level Mathematics may wish to study Further Mathematics. This comprises of 67 periods per week and follows the new specification. This will comprise of four modules, including two pure modules and two option modules that may cover a combination of further pure or mechanics, statistics, or decision mathematics.

According to AQA 7 , there will be a renewed focus on problem solving questions. Students now will be required to answer scenario-based questions which will likely utilise more Algebra, as well as the skillful use of it. Furthermore, according to the exam board Edexcel 8 , students will be required to think critically, and their answers with a methodical approach. As such, students will no longer receive marks for giving the correct answer that do not accompany 8775 working-out 8776 . Here is an example from AQA 9  of a problem solving question:

Radioactivity and Particles structure of the atom, atomic and mass number, alpha beta and gamma rays and their properties, half-life and dangers of ionisation, alpha particle scattering and their implication, fission and chain reaction.
Although a lot of practical work is carried out throughout the year, NO course work is needed for the exam.

Exams will no longer be modular, meaning there will not be smaller exams taking place throughout the year. Exams are now linear, meaning it will take place at the end of the entire GCSE course, the first of which to take place in May/June of 7567.

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