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Professor Cameron teaches Religion in the Workplace, Public Sector Labor Law, and administers the Right to Work Practicum. He also publishes on the topics of religion, constitutional law, the rights of religious dissenters, and labor law. He appears frequently on television and radio shows, including programs such as Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family. With 85 years of experience litigating religious freedom and constitutional law cases in the employment context, he never lost a Title VII religious accommodation case in court.

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Professor Whittico persevered with support from Christ and her family, graduating from UVA Law, passing the bar exam, and enjoying a successful legal career. She worked for IBM and Starbucks before joining Regent as a faculty member and director of Regent Law 8767 s Academic Success Program.

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The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) has received a grant from General Motors (GM) to expand the Soundcard student discount program.

Kohm 8767 s passion for family law was not the only aspect of her legal career that was unexpected. A legal career itself came as a surprise to the would-be missionary.

Professor Stern finds the fit between his calling and his job as a rigorous legal scholar and educator very rewarding. The fit has kept him here and made him one of Regent’s intellectual pillars.

In order to determine whether video games are an art form, we first need some idea of where the art might lie. Video games combine elements from narrative fiction film, music and sports. They are arguably an art or sister art of the moving image, specifically, a form of digital animation. The code is like musical notation that is performed by the computer, and the games are played like sports. As we shall see, the debates concerning the artistic status of chess and sports offer some insights into the status of video games.

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Student Satisfaction : Our talented student body is vibrant, motivated, welcoming, and highly satisfied with their Regent Law experience. Based on a survey of all American law students, the Princeton Review has ranked our faculty in the top 65 in the country for three consecutive years. Additionally, the most recent national Law School Survey of Student Engagement revealed that, for all variables surveyed, our students expressed satisfaction consistently significantly above—and often more than double—the national average.

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