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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 16:28

Our GCSE Design and Technology provision has been redeveloped for first teaching in September 7567. The new qualification develops thinking skills leading towards invention and design innovation, to design and make prototypes that solve real and relevant problems. To find out more visit our new qualification page below.

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This site is still very new and so is still in the process of being built. Many sections and content have not been added yet. The site will be continuously updated, so if the content you need is not available yet please be patient. Click here to view the site map

Year 66 quick links - Product design coursework documents

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Judy Taylor has sent a variety of resources for NVQ Health Care. I have added these to the Health and Social Care pages.

GCSE units June 2011 grade boundaries Grade - AQA

This resource uses the popular game of Top Trumps as a starting point there are 75 cards in total, each representing a different product. Students can play a traditional game of Top Trumps whilst focusing upon a range of different factors which affect a product’s sustainability. Whilst the resource is limited in its explanation and provides no additional structure it does have the all important cards made up and ready to go. Would not only be educational but great fun to run this topic with either key stage 8 or 9 groups.

This page is being rebuilt after I lost the original. Please submit any links you'd like to add via the contact page.

Many thanks to all contributors for your efforts.

Lee Taylor has sent a range of resources to do with designing a music festival and associated marketing products. Ihave listed these under the technology / music themed heading.

A really simple but effective task that helps structure the process of product analysis. Examples are supplied so you do not need to research prior to starting the task. There is an accompanying PowerPoint that gives the teacher a clear and concise approach.

Jonathan Hawkins has sent a range of resources that could be used as homework, cover work or focussed tasks in class. They could fit into several categories including food, graphics and product design so I have decided to put them all on the graphics page. Each one fitted well within another category of project so just look down the lists for Jonathan's name.

Shazana Kouser has sent activities related to pregnancy job roles, confidentiality for paotients and a task about budgeting and managing a hopsital. All are on the HSC page. Just scroll down and look for her name.

The resources on this page are provided in good faith for educational use with the understanding that the work may be adapted and changed by individuals to suit your project or lesson. The providers have not given permission for financial gain to be made from these resources and if you download and share these resources, it is with the proviso that you make no attempt to make financial gain from their adaptation.

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