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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 20:04

Dressed for Mars, space engineer Pablo de Leó n tests a prototype space suit at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where fine soil and fans simulate conditions on the red planet.

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Within sight of downtown Seoul, South Korea’s capital and a hub of modern stressful life, salesman Sungvin Hong rests after a hike in Bukhansan National Park.

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When the blokes off the telly need a wedding speech expert to offer insight on speech trends and gab on about a celebrity wedding, they come straight to us. We're the go to guys when a major broadcaster needs someone in the know, whether it's some brain-dead reality twerp who's marrying a bucket of fish-heads, or the future King and Queen of Britain - like the TV special we made for the best of all best men, Prince Harry. When broadcasters need an expert, the likes of the BBC and ITN always ask for the chaps at .

The World’s Best Islands in 2016 | Travel + Leisure

Twilight bathes the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia at Delphi. Pilgrims in ancient Greece may have offered sacrifices here before consulting the oracle of Delphi.

If there were a way to live life more like you were at a retreat than stuck in a rut, would you try it? Here’s your chance, with seven easy steps to stress-free living.

We continue to lower the barriers to entry into climate science by posting all our raw data and our analysis code online to provide an open platform for further analysis. We also post all our Berkeley Earth papers , memos , graphics  and analysis code.

High visibility color  High-visibility color options are an important consideration for all the serious anglers. The Stealth Superline, which is available in four different colors, offers high visibility above water, and low visibility below the water surface , matching absolutely any fishing scenario. Sometimes it’s important to see the line, especially in the murky waters, and in in the other cases, it’s essential for the line to stay less visible so that the fish cannot see it. With the Stealth Superline, anglers can have the best of both worlds.

Whether you crave culture, adventure, or simply kicking back on a beach with a cold cocktail, at least one of these islands is sure to be an ideal destination.  And should you be willing to spend time in the air in order to land near the sea, all the better: this year, three of the top 65 islands in the world — as decided by Travel + Leisure readers — are in Asia.

A girl watches as three Kurdish women are photographed with their faces hidden. Two of the women say they were forced to marry ISIS fighters before escaping to a refugee camp.

The Hawaiian islands of Maui and Kauai, which appear on the Top 65 list year after year, provide both the allure of faraway lands and the convenience of a domestic getaway. “For me,” said one survey taker, “going to Maui is like going home: comfortable, familiar, and beautiful.”

Lightweight, Convenient Package  The Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline’s superior design makes it more compact than the other braided lines while offering the superior performance. All these features are tightly packed into a space-saving spool and for its ultimate performance, the line shows whisper-quiet quality.

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