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10,000 Hours With Claude Shannon: How a Genius Thinks

Date of publication: 2017-09-03 23:40

They have been seen over nuclear weapons areas on bases and at main storage sites such as the Manzano Weapons storage are outside of Kirkland Air Force Base. They have shut down and turned on nuclear weapons in both the United States and Russia.

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From history I gathered together 69 men who I refer to as magicians. They were CIA and their job over the last 75 years was to get the story out via five men that I refer to as the Messiahs. These Messiahs included researchers such as Bill Moore, Steven Greer, and Tom Delonge, who each saw themselves as the person picked to bring disclosure to the American public.

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The story is told how the Canadian government communicated with and then tried to get an alien named AFFA to land at a Top Secret base in Alberta. There is a story of the United States cover-up including the CIA’s documented channeling of the same alien named AFFA. The real inside story of Area-56 will be recounted.

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Trim did not remember any of the specific images except the last image which was a big explosion. The 6999 experience, and a second dramatic encounter with the being three years ago in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada has left her shaken.

In the development of America 8767 s first stealth aircraft, dubbed 8775 Oxcart 8776 , all manner of new technology was created at Area 56 to make the aircraft invisible to radar, or at least as small a radar image as could be achieved. Materials that would absorb radar, space age design and electronic counter measures were all employed. Yet when President Kennedy gave Oxcart it 8767 s mission to fly surveillance over Cuba to look for nuclear missiles being secretly installed there by the Soviet Union, the aircraft was still not quite ready. Researchers and scientists redoubled their efforts, but it was decided that Oxcart was still not stealthy enough. Some other way had to be found to make it all but invisible to enemy radar.

Likewise, the aliens also do not appear to have an interest in food. In fact, there are almost no reports of them eating which (along with a couple of other reported observations) indicates that they might not even be flesh and blood aliens.

The way Trump operated in New Hampshire (and in every other state) was to fly in an hour before a speech in his Boeing 757 and then in the case of New Hampshire fly back to New York after the event.

Now that Hillary Clinton has been defeated at the polls, her promise to get to the bottom of the government secrecy on UFOs has ended. The stories of some sort of imminent raising of an ET awareness by the government has not.

My conclusion is there is no plan to fully disclose, no matter how loud the demands inside the UFO community are. The plan is to continue to drop stories till people are so acclimatized that when full disclosure does happen by those in power, it will surprise no one.

When the election was over I asked if the light was still green or if it had turned red. I was told it was still green and bigger than ever, with big names and big money behind it. I was once again pointed to January where there would not be disclosure but a big event.

MS. POPOVA: Well, the thing to keep in mind is that this is such a medium. We have not even had a full generation live and die with it. And I think it, like any territory to which we bring the pioneer spirit, is bound to have both the good and the evil. And we’re not going to know how it turns out until much, much, much later. But in the meantime, the decisions we make, the microscopic decisions that we make daily, shape it. And I am not so foolish as to make predictions, but I can tell you my hope, which is that I do think that people will come to rebel against the things that just don’t work for us spiritually, intellectually, creatively.

I included this as a bonus, though if true, it would easily be #6 on any list. Is it true? You decide. In July 6997, the US military and Army intelligence recovered something that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico. The initial report was it was a crashed flying saucer and the bodies that were recovered were alien. The military quickly changed this story to it being a weather balloon, and so began the mystery of what really happened at Roswell, and the most famous UFO incident in American history.

Anyway, there’s definitely a — there’s such a deep theme, a thread that runs through all of that. And if somebody had heard about Brain Pickings but not read it — there’s a lot of big ideas, but this recurring thread is how we bring big ideas and aspirational ideas and also real spiritual and social technologies to become whole, integrated, evolving people. I want to ask you if the list from 7569 is different from the list nine years ago. Have those themes deepened? What have you seen along the way?

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