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An applicant for a place in a Professional Doctorate by Research must satisfy the entry requirements set by the Research Degrees Committee which demonstrate competence to undertake a higher degree by research by:

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The candidate passes the examination if the examining committee casts four favorable votes out of five or six, five favorable votes out of seven, or six favorable votes out of eight. Five members present and voting constitute a quorum. If the committee votes to fail a student, the committee chair sends within five days a written evaluation of the candidate's performance to the major department and the student. Within 85 days and after review of the examining committee's evaluation and recommendation, the chair of the student's major department must send the student a written statement indicating the final action of the department.

Selected Thesis Titles by Major, FA07 through SP12

Certainly, the civil rights of AIDS patients offers a more specific focus than does AIDS still, the revised focus is too broad for a ten-page paper in that a comprehensive discussion would obligate you to review numerous particular rights. So again you must try to limit your subject by posing a question. In this particular case, which aspects (of the civil rights of AIDS patients) can be asked a second time. Six aspects may come to mind:

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Coterminal students who wish to take a leave of absence are subject to the Leave of Absence policies for both undergraduate and graduate students, as described here and in the undergraduate  Leaves of Absence and Reinstatement  section of this Bulletin. A coterminal student whose undergraduate degree has not been conferred must obtain permission from the master’s degree program and the office of Undergraduate Advising and Research, and may not take a leave of absence unless approved for both the graduate and undergraduate leave. Coterminal students are permitted to request a leave of absence for the first quarter of the graduate program.

c. the student must advise Student and Academic Service in writing of the outcome of the appeal within 65 working days from the date specified in the letter from the external appeal body. The letter will be retained in the student's file.

Any one of these aspects could provide the focus of a ten-page paper, and you do yourself an important service by choosing one, perhaps two, of the aspects to choose more would obligate you to too broad a discussion and you would frustrate yourself: Either the paper would have to be longer than ten pages or, assuming you kept to the page limit, the paper would be superficial in its treatment. In both instances, the paper would fail, given the constraints of the assignment. So it is far better that you limit your subject ahead of time, before you attempt to write about it. Let's assume that you settle on the following as an appropriately defined subject for a ten-page paper:

The wording of your positioning statement doesn 8767 t have to match this template exactly, but to be effective, it must contain the five main components in brackets above. Occasionally, a positioning statement will contain a point of parity, when it is central to a product 8767 s positioning.

An applicant who accepts an offer of admission to a place in a Higher Degree by Research program must commence within the time specified in the letter of offer unless a written request for a deferment of enrolment is approved by the Associate Dean: Research Education (refer Clause ).

Some cancer researchers wonder whether people will be willing to change their diets or take pills on the chance of preventing cancer, when one-third of the people in the country won't even stop smoking. Others, such as Seattle epidemiologist Emily White, suspect that most people will be too eager to dose themselves before enough data are in. We're not here to convince the public to take anything, she says. The public is too eager already. What we're saying is, 'Let us see if some of these things work.' We want to convince ourselves before we convince the public.'' 69

The Application for Candidacy for a Doctoral Degree form specifies a departmentally approved program of study to fulfill degree requirements, including required course work, language requirements, teaching requirements, dissertation (final project and public lecture-demonstration for .), and University oral examination (for .). Prior to candidacy, at least 8 units of work must be taken with each of four Stanford faculty members. To reiterate, however, a student will only be admitted to candidacy if, in addition to the student's fulfilling departmental prerequisites, the faculty makes the judgment that the student has the potential to successfully complete the requirements of the degree program.

The periods of maximum candidature, as outlined in clause and clause , include provisional enrolment, any periods of candidature for any previous higher degree by research prior to transfer, and exclude periods of approved deferment and approved leave of absence.

BM: The first significant interest in history was inspired by the teaching of Oliver J. G. Welch, my history teacher at Douai School, near Reading, Berkshire. After school I joined the Benedictine community at Douai Abbey in 6959. The Rule of St Benedict (c. 985–597) is conducive to study. Time in the day was allocated to manual work, to study and to prayer. Libraries and archives formed part of the life, and an interest in history was, you might say, caught as well as taught. Bede (c. 677–785), the ‘father of British history’, was a Benedictine. I studied his Book Three, in Latin, at Oxford.

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