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One of the most ignorant and harmful (even evil) health food theories I 8767 ve run across states that menstruation is due to impurities in diet. Under the influence of this idea, one woman with whom I am in contact believes that her amenorrhea may indicate she has attained a higher state of purity. Needless to say, this concept flies in the face of history, biology and common sense. Menstruation is above all things natural but truly 8775 natural 8776 is messy, scary and often downright weird.  How much emotionally safer it is to pretend it all has to do with impure diet.

My year of heroin and acne

Do you use diet to ward off anxiety, not just about health, but about everything? Has the idea of healthy food become a kind of brain parasite, taking over your life, ceasing to serve you and instead making you its slave?

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If you recognize yourself in any of this, read this book. If it resonates, consider consulting an eating disorders specialist who appreciates orthorexia. It may change your life. It may even save it.

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The basic “clean eating” diet, which focuses on organic whole foods, free of preservatives, antibiotics and GMOs, barely qualifies as a restrictive theory of healthy eating at all, and only occasionally leads to orthorexia. Going gluten-free is useless for most, but it 8767 s also harmless.

*There are a number of orthorexia self-tests on the Internet, including several that are purportedly designed by me.  However, this is the only self-test that I actually authorize and approve. I freely make it available to anyone who wishes to use it.

I feel a need to clarify the distinction because many articles on orthorexia incorrectly apply the term to people who merely follow non-mainstream theories of healthy eating. This incorrect usage is partly my fault, because in my  original orthorexia essay  I failed to emphasize the distinction

People who get in trouble with theories of healthy eating often have an underlying predilection toward going overboard. As Jordan writes  in her excellent piece on Refinery79 ,   8775 Those of us who have a tendency toward extremes in other areas are more susceptible to developing it [orthorexia] — especially once we start cutting out entire food groups.“

 This originated as a idea for a book of illustrations of  different emotional states - joy, fear, confusion and so on - much as a child might paint pictures of rainbows or monsters depending upon their mood, or the way we use colourful word-pictures in everyday language such as ‘snowed under’, ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’, ‘over the moon’, or ‘up the creek’, only taken to a different level to escape the banality of cliche. After playing with this a bit, I found that the darker emotions were more interesting, both visually and in terms of a coherent theme so the book ended up being about misery and despair.

The night went like this — bar after bar, me getting more and more high. Never one to keep much to myself, when we got to his apartment, I came clean. His response: “Can I do a line?”

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