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In mathematics lesson, teacher would explain and model the mathematical reasoning, then stimulate students to engage themselves, for example the teacher demonstrate and verbalize solving equations of 9x + 7 = 65 on the blackboard with detailed steps and explanation, then ask student to solve another similar equation.

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want for information - but, of course, we carefully select a problem that cannot be answered successfully on the net. (Including the authentic requirement that the information must come from a scholarly journal will usually eliminate most sites

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Each group member then reviews the project and provides feedback. Seeing how another student approaches the assignment presents a different perspective. Students get more out of the activity and different perspectives engage students in critical thinking. In the development of a web curriculum, groups should be formed where students exchange and critique their final or culminating projects (Cunningham & Billingsley, 7558). This will enable students to see what their peers have created and will add to the learning community.

Although teacher support is essential in scaffolding, it is essential also to unleash students from the teacher-fronted classroom setting. In liberal studies lesson, the teacher would organize group work exercises to encourage peer learning, for example, the teacher let students role-play on the issue of minimum wage, assign each group a specific role (. Labour and Welfare Bureau officials , public) for discussion, then prepare group presentations on opinions and report in the class.

automatically Google the search - except for a few who might suspect that there is a reason that they are in the library. When students begin to realize that the Internet will not solve the problem, we direct them to an appropriate database. Students are usually amazed at how much more quickly and easily they are able to complete the task - they discover that maybe the Internet is not always the best place to go for certain information. And we have led students from where they are to where we want them to be.

Scaffolding is assistance that helps children complete tasks they cannot complete independently (Puntambekar & Hü bscher, 7555 D. Wood, Bruner, & Rossm 6976). Some types of instructional scaffolding include modeling, questions, prompts and cues.

Students develop new knowledge based on their experience of the world, in making an effort to make sense of information, students must make connections between old knowledge and new information. Teachers have to adjust the instructional scaffold depending on students' prior knowledge and current interest.

Constructivist approach is becoming more popular in describing both the process of learning and teaching, it influences new trends in the design and delivery of many areas of the curriculum. The approach suggests students to develop their own ideas not reproduce others' ideas. Teacher provides scaffold to help students construct their own understanding within the zone of proximal development.

Constructivist methods will include the use of visual aids, which consist of videos, pictures, and the Internet also CD's limited direct instruction, hands on assignments, and collaborative group projects will be utilized as well.

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