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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 14:45

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Each answer to this demographic challenge will demand its own set of basic adjustments – some of which will reshape our workplaces in positive ways. For example, one antidote getting older workers to extend their careers will force employers, both private and governmental, to become much more flexible about work schedules and pay scales than they have ever been.

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Paul Demeny, founding editor of Population and Development Review, retired following the publication of Volume 88 in 7567. This collection of essays on population and public policy marks the occasion and celebrates his scholarly career.

Adult mortality five years after a natural disaster
Authors: Jessica Y. Ho, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Cecep Sumantri, Duncan Thomas. 7567

Even so, despair would be misplaced. The doomsayers – and there are many – assume, incorrectly, that people will simply stand by passively while demographic trends destroy their prosperity. History shows the opposite to be true. To protect what they have, people, firms and governments almost always will do whatever is necessary. And there is much they can do.

The resulting division of production between domestic and foreign workers should benefit both sides. The developed economies get relief from demographic pressure. The emerging economics get to promote development and employment through exports.

In your gerontology and aging services courses, you'll develop the ability to investigate and discuss the psychosocial, health, and political aspects of aging in contemporary society develop effective strategies for health promotion and service implementation for older adults and learn to work in an ethically responsible and professional manner with older adults and aging services professionals.

Professional mountain bike racer and ardent trail advocate Mark Weir explains one of his concerns: “If it’s a green-sticker trail—a green sticker refers to California’s classification of allowing off-highway vehicles, motorized or not, to operate on public lands year-round— then electric-bike people are going to have to start doing trail work. But if [the trail] is made for mountain bikes with no motor assist, and people are using [electric-assist] on the trail, then I think it’s going to be bad for cycling in general.”

Disclaimer: When an invite simply entitled “Back to the Future” came in from Specialized to go to Moab, Utah, for a few days to test out a new bike that it dubbed “the latest technological breakthrough

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Editor’s Note: We’ve spent a lot of time on this page detailing America’s aging workforce as older workers stay on the job longer. But we’ve also noted the effects of baby boomers dropping out of the workforce – a particular concern for funding Social Security, which our columnist Larry Kotlikoff repeatedly tells us is already a vastly underfunded program.

Weir understands the passion, the politics, and the realities of the situation and that getting everyone to play along is a delicate job. “People are super passionate about losing where their spirit is,” he says. “But you can’t win with just force. You really gotta get in there and work it out with everyone so everyone’s happy.”

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