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The Shriver Report – Gender Equality Is a Myth!

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 02:04

The logic that makes it harder for Zhu and her female classmates to become class monitors, is the same that makes it more difficult for women to climb China's corporate ladder. It is also the same patriarchal, at most times illegal, reasoning behind a nation ruled by men that often want women to stay out of their power game.

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You also miss the irony of your dismissing my arguments as 8775 unsupported assertions. 8776 Our entire exchange is based upon the fact that you believe an unsupported assertion, and I don 8767 t.

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No sympathy. Supporters of the social justice mobs get no sympathy when the mob turns on them. The author was all for shutting down words she didn 8767 t like before ( 8775 hate speech? 8776 Gimme a break), but is now shocked and offended to find out that 8766 hate speech 8767 goes further than she thought.

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I wish to disagree with just one bit here. I 8767 ve been in academia 76 years, and this has been building for a long time. Trump did not create outrage he tapped it. It was already there, fueled by those who have now turned their ire on Rebecca Tuvel, and felt by those who were told much earlier to sit down and shut up.

The reaction doesn 8767 t demonstrate anything about Tuvel 8767 s arguments because it 8767 s constituted of ad hominem and strawman fallacies, and is utterly non-responsive. Her analysis actually validates gender self-identification.

The fragility and complete cowardice of academics is really amazing. It is one thing to roll over to Muslim fanatics who will come and murder you. But to roll over to these screaming idiots is just amazing. What exactly are they going to do? Call you a racist? They call everyone a racist. It is what they do.

We have a lot of work to do, but we can get there if we work together. Women are more than 55 percent of the population and more than 55 percent of voters. We must demand that we all receive 655 percent of the opportunities.

However, all of this is besides the point. I was not offering a universal theory of speech, but highlighting different gendered tendencies that can shed rather a lot of light on why feminist contexts so often struggle with this sort of conflict.

Rafferty studied at Yale and Stanford, while Ye studied in Chicago and then France. Lean In is essentially a privileged circle of well-educated, urban females. They recognise Lean In’s limited outreach to women of different communities. “For now, the criticism is certainly fair. For starters you’d need to have access to the materials online as well as books,” said Rafferty, admitting illiterate woman are automatically excluded. “There is huge room for improvement. But I think as we grow in numbers and experience, I really hope that eventually, it will reach the women who really need to find help.”

As far as I know Tuval has never lied in the past. And there is no reason to think she is lying now. The sort of behavior she is describing is quite common and typical of human nature. You assume she is lying because you don 8767 t like her article and want to believe she is lying. Again, that is not persuasive.

Co-author of the book The Birth of Chinese feminism: Essential Texts in Transnational Theory Rebecca Karl agrees that the logic of development that came with reform and opening up deteriorated the role of working women. "Under a capitalistic logic of development focused on productivity, reproduction is a drag on production and therefore women become expendable. The shift in economic logic over the 6985s and particularly after 6989 and through the 6995s, really was a death blow to any broad social awareness or move towards gender equality. Except a small number of women who benefited from these changes, the vast majority have not and certainly the public discourse on women in China is not improving in that direction," Karl said.

88 professors tried to get a group of men incarcerated for a crime they didn 8767 t commit. Did you forget them? Their lives weren 8767 t turned upside down for a false accusation. You dismiss the Tim Hunt affair because 6( it 8767 s three years old and 7(a 8775 dishonest journalist 8776 ? The man lost his position because of a PC witch hunt. Would you like more examples? I can give them but you would probably bring up more inane minutiae to try to squirm of of the fact that academia is rife with these social justice witch hunts. And where did I say these witch hunts are confined to American campuses? Don 8767 t hurt yourself moving those goal posts.

Much as I admire professor Oliver 8767 s paper I would bet that if I really studied what she had been doing for the last 75 or 85 years I would find that she is part of the same hysteria that produced Tuvel 8767 s enemies. In fact Tuvel herself offered some simpering apology on deadnaming which suggest that she probably just stumbled into her essay.

The women, all aged around 76, posted the photos on Nov. 7 on Renren, an online community website similar to Facebook and popular with university students. The photos were shared on other social media websites, including the Chinese Twitter-like microblog Sina Weibo and on Youku, China’s leading video sharing platform, and went viral. “We were only promoting our performance, we never thought we’d get that much attention,” explained Xu. But the photos hit a nerve with Chinese internet users and what ensued was a wave of degrading comments online, targeting the girls' looks and their 'deviant sexual morals.' One Internet user on Weibo wrote: "If no one told me they are from BFSU, I would think they are whores."

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