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The Real Reason America Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 00:52

Still, President Nixon did what he could to ensure that South Vietnam would survive as long as possible.  On April 85, 6975, he ordered . troops into Cambodia to destroy NLF-NVA sanctuaries as well as back up the rightist coup d’etat of General Lon Nol.  Nixon’s public announcement of this expansion of the war set off nationwide protests on college campuses, including one at Kent State where members of the National Guard shot and killed four students.  . troops were withdrawn from Cambodia after two months, but the bombing of Cambodia continued for another three years.

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The Viet Minh cadre and villagers who lost their land fought back by assassinating some Saigon-appointed officials and intimidating others, leading many to sleep outside their village for safety.  Diem responded by dispatching his security forces to search, interrogate, and raid disobedient villages, resulting in arrests, torture, and imprisonment.  According to the Pentagon Papers :

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General Curtis LeMay, the tough cigar-smoking Army Air Force &ldquo hawk,&rdquo stated publicly shortly before the nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan:

It fits the sixth example. Somebody who believes that Mexicans are more criminal than white people might just be collecting crime stats, but we 8767 re suspicious that they might use this to justify an irrational hatred toward Mexicans and desire to discriminate against them. So it 8767 s potentially racist, regardless of whether you attribute it to genetics or culture.

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None of the dominant political ideologies of the West can explain the new class war, because all of them pretend that persisting social classes no longer exist in the West. Neoliberalism—the hegemonic ideology of the transatlantic elite—pretends that class has disappeared in societies that are purely meritocratic, with the exception of barriers to individual upward mobility that still exist because of racism, misogyny, and homophobia. Unable to acknowledge the existence of social class, much less to candidly discuss class conflicts, neoliberals can only attribute populism to bigotry or irrationality.

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While Burnham and Galbraith included engineers and scientists in the new elite, they were not describing a technocracy run by PhDs. The most important managers are private and public bureaucrats who run large national and global corporations and exercise disproportionate influence in politics and society. Some are independently wealthy, but most are salaried employees or fee-earning professionals. Most of today’s billionaires were born into this upper-middle class, and their descendants tend to disappear back into it in a generation or two. Actual hereditary aristocrats who survive in the modern West are anachronisms who, for the most, part avoid ridicule by disguising themselves as hard-working professionals and managers.

These insights, combined with advances in pharmaceuticals and computer&ndash brain interface technology, will challenge our ideas about psychology, spirituality and personal responsibility as well as upend our ideas about criminal justice. And yet we are still stuck in a 95-year debate over the evidence that humans are causing global warming.

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