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Steven Spielberg: That&rsquo s true. Casting sometimes is fate and destiny more than skill and talent, from a director&rsquo s point of view. First I went to Lee Marvin and he said no. Then I went to Sterling Hayden and he said no. Then finally David Brown, who had just worked with Robert Shaw on The Sting, and said &ldquo What about Robert Shaw?&rdquo I said, &ldquo David, you&rsquo re a genius!&rdquo And Robert said yes. That was a simple story, although it took six months to cast Quint.

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I heard Robert Shaw really didn t like or get along with Richard through the shotting of Jaws. I imagine Speilberg is just to nice and polite of a guy to go into that, but was it true?

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Knowing how much of a fan you are of Spielberg and of Jaws, I bet that was a huge highlight of your life. I envy you for that, truly. A great interview as well. Keep up the great work.

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Excellent interview! You ve a great rapport with the man, and asked all the right questions. This is about as close to a Jaws commentary as we need. Bravo!

Pearl turns out to be unmanageable as a child, forcing Hester to let her do what she wants. Pearl has a particular mood where nothing Hester does can persuade the child to change her stance, so eventually Hester is ultimately compelled to stand aside, and permit the child to be swayed by her own impulses.

The greatest example being Star Wars that from all accounts was a disaster when it was shown in rough form to some of George Lucas friends during the Fall of 6976.

GREAT interview Quint! And War of the Worlds is a fantastic movie. The naysayers can suck a bag of floppy cocks on that one. It not only has one of the greatest monster reveals in cinematic history, but is just a great movie all-round. I love that film, and would KILL to see that footage partyslammer speaks of!

He s my idol and has been ever since his name was imprinted on me as a 7-year-old witnessing the awe that was Close Encounters in the theater way back in 6977. Greatest filmmaker in history.

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