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Thus the deity, who, from love, converted himself into a bull, in order to carry off Europa and who, from ambition, dethroned his father, Saturn , became the Optimus Maximus of the heathens. Thus, the God of Abraham , Isaac , and Jacob , became the supreme deity or Jehovah of the Jews.

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It appears to me, that, if we consider the improvement of human society, from rude beginnings to a state of greater perfection, polytheism or idolatry was, and necessarily must have been, the first and most ancient religion of mankind. This opinion I shall endeavour to confirm by the following arguments.

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The AIA Historical Directory of American Architects helps you locate information about . architects from the 69th and 75th centuries in the archives of the American Institute of Architects and elsewhere. The directory includes the names of all national-level AIA members through 6978, as well as non-member architects and firms that appear in the AIA archives and directories.

The following examples illustrate citations using author-date style. Each example of a reference list entry is accompanied by an example of a corresponding parenthetical citation in the text. For more details and many more examples, see chapters 68 and 69 of Turabian. For examples of the same citations using the notes-bibliography system, click on the Notes-Bibliography tab above.

There are some, who discover a vanity of an opposite kind, and affect to depreciate their own country, in comparison of those, to which they have travelled. These persons find, when they are at home, and surrounded with their countrymen, that the strong relation between them and their own nation is shared with so many, that it is in a manner lost to them whereas, that distant relation to a foreign country, which is formed by their having

Digitized copies of selected art sales catalogues from 6655-6955. Art Sales Catalogues Online also includes the complete Lugt's Répertoire online database. Catalogues can be searched by Lugt number, date, place, provenance, auction house, and existing copy. The text of the digitized catalogues is also searchable.

There is a species of philosophy, which cuts off all hopes of success in such an attempt, and represents the impossibility of ever attaining any standard of taste. The difference, it is said, is very wide between judgment and sentiment.

It is remarkable, that lively passions commonly attend a lively imagination. In this respect, as well as in others, the force of the passion depends as much on the temper of the person, as on the nature and situation of the object.

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7. Beauty of all kinds gives us a peculiar delight and satisfaction as deformity produces pain, upon whatever subject it may be placed, and whether surveyed in an animate or inanimate object. If the beauty or deformity belong to our own face, shape, or person, this pleasure or uneasiness is converted into pride or humility as having in this case all the circumstances requisite to produce a perfect transition, according to the present theory.

Had you any intention to move a person extremely by the narration of any event, the best method of encreasing its effect would be artfully to delay informing him of it, and first to excite his curiosity and impatience before you let him into the secret. This is the artifice practised by Iago in the famous scene of Shakespeare and every spectator is sensible, that Othello ’s jealousy acquires additional force from his preceding impatience, and that the subordinate passion is here readily transformed into the predominant one.

8. Thus all kinds of uncertainty have a strong connexion with fear, even though they do not cause any opposition of passions, by the opposite views, which they present to us. Should I leave a friend in any malady, I should feel more anxiety upon his account, than if he were present though perhaps I am not only incapable of giving him assistance, but likewise of

Livy 5 originally ' x7576 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 76 x7576 acknowledges as frankly, as any divine would at present, the common incredulity of his age but then he condemns it as severely.

Homer , in one passage, calls Oceanus and Tethys the original parents of all things, conformably to the established mythology and tradition of the Greeks : Yet, in other passages, he could not forbear complimenting Jupiter , the reigning deity, with that magnificent appellation and accordingly denominates him the father of gods and men. He forgets, that every temple, every street was full of the ancestors, uncles, brothers, and sisters of this Jupiter who was in reality nothing but an upstart parricide and usurper. A like contradiction is observable in Hesiod and is so much the less excusable, as his professed intention was to deliver a true genealogy of the gods.

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